IT Matters, yes!



For the past decade, I can say that information technology has a great impact in my life. I can still remember having a hard time in saving multiple documents in one floppy disk. It costs a lot of money in making projects, research papers and reports. But thanks to the development of IT, things have been great.

In relevance to my Management 286 subject, I realized three important things. First is that life must be a continuous learning. We need to nourish our self with experiences and education. Second, information technology brings a lot of advantages towards work and personal development but corresponding responsibility should be taken. Lastly, we must adopt to changes. The only constant in the world is change and IT is fast in changing. We must keep on track to fully understand ourselves, the life of other people and our world.

I envy people chilling out during Saturdays but I never regret spending my time going to school, exchanging ideas with my professor and classmates and learn a lot of things from our topics. Management information system and technology is a wide range and I know the time I spent in school is not enough. But I learned a lot of things in our daily quizzes especially in bonus questions, brainstorming in what to write in my blog and paper, and trying my best to finish my activities as soon as possible so that I can go home early. It is challenging and I will never stop to learn IT related things even after this subject.


Social Media Cons and Self Commitment


Who would have thought social media will go this far? From all argumentation we have because of social media, we must admit it brought advantages to our personal development and professional growth.

Advantages of Social Media on my Professional Growth

  1. Get rid of weary door to door resume submission. Through social media, we can now do online career and job searching.
  2. Accessibility of information sharing. Professionals also gather in social media through group page and group chat wherein information can be easily shared.
  3. Build up of strong relationship to co-leagues and even customers.

Advantages of Social Media on my Personal Development

  1. Ease of communication to other people around the world.
  2. Freedom to react and interact with current trends, issues and personal interests to others.
  3. Ease of information such as news updates and current weather forecasts.

We must be responsible in every access, post, comment and share on social media. The following are my personal commitment statements:

  1. I will spend only an hour or less a day in all social media websites.
  2. I will not use my phone unless necessary during meal time and while hanging out with friends.
  3. I will not post offensive and discriminating status in all of my social media accounts.

Technology exists because of people not people exists because of technology.


Perceptions on Anti-Piracy



Copyright, patent, trademark, and trade secrets are important to protect individual’s invention and that is why they are sold in a higher prices. However, people are tempted to buy pirated versions because of cheaper prices. They still prefer to acquire an item in lesser price even though the quality is not the same as to the original as long as the said item is in good working condition.


I admit, I am one of those pirated software users before. The technology 10 years ago is not that accessible. If your PC needs to repair, it costs thousands of peso and it takes months in the service center just to revive your 50:50 PC . We cannot blame users in acquiring pirated soft wares before. I am not biased but based on my experience, it is hard especially to the students who need numerous software in order to pass computer subjects and computer related projects. But thanks to numerous free software now, just a mere click in an app store and then you can have your own free software such as King soft, LibreOffice and OpenOffice. Also, anti-piracy law nowadays are way much stronger compared 10 years ago. Ignorance of the law excuses no one. People should be aware of the anti-piracy law and its corresponding sanctions. This could be done through TV and online ads of software companies, by initiating a anti-piracy seminar to the people in a place who has the highest percentage with regards to piracy and be united to other software companies in imposing anti-piracy.


Befriend with your enemies, sometimes they are the key to your success.

A KM (Knowledge Management) everyday, Keeps the Business Okay


A KM (Knowledge Management) everyday, Keeps the Business Okay

Imagine a company who has a lot of data but never been processed the said data to an information and used the said information for the company’s benefit? That would be pointless. That is why knowledge should be properly manage.


Being a service provider like hotel, it is important to invest the company to its human resource since they are the key asset. Through knowledge management, the organization enables to select the right people at the right time at the right place. Also, this could decrease the employee turnover as well as having a profound and healthy environment. However upon implementation of knowledge management, existing employees might tend to be resistant to changes. This is because they will feel threatened especially if the company will hire additional employees for higher positions. If rotation will occur, employees will face a hard time in adjusting to new workload and work environment. Some employees are only followers and lacks motivation towards their job. A full management support is important on this matter.



“Knowledge is power but knowledge sharing is empowerment.” Working as a team in the company is important to achieve company’s mission, vision, goals and objectives. Through knowledge sharing the employees can feel their importance to the company, they will be motivated to do their work well and they will feel happy and contented to their job. We must be reminded of the famous saying, “two heads are better that one.”

A BIT (Business Intelligence Tools) it Takes

According to, business intelligence is a concept that typically involves the delivery and integration of relevant and useful business information in an organization. Business intelligence tools are important in organizations to improve decision making process, to know consumer buying trends, to improve visibility in the market, to turn data into actionable information and to improve efficiency.
The implementation of BIT is quite difficult because people are resistant to change and it takes time to adopt with a new system. It is like having a major operation of getting an old heart and replacing with a new one. Top managers should strategize what kind of approach the company must do to effectively implement the use of BIT. Should the company implement a reward program? Or punitive program? How about through incentives and increase in compensation?
It is best to implement rewards program for them to be encouraged to adopt with changes. Also, this could bring a healthy competition environment to the company. An employee who does extra work on his job and performs well also needs proper recognition and increase to his compensation. Most people stay in an organization because they are well compensated, having a healthy work environment and employee-oriented organization. Companies should see to it the welfare of the employees because they are the most important asset.

Perks of Being an Online Shopper


Online shopping is increasingly popular because of its convenience. It has a wide range of available products and services. Some items that cannot be bought in physical market are available online like electronic books and imported products. It is hassle- free! Busy people like working moms that don’t have enough time to stroll around the market to buy home needs can now shop while at work or at home. However online shopping can brought risk on user’s information, some items have seen in the website are different on its actual appearance and how legal are the products available online.


Being in of the so called trend in the society, I also experienced online shopping. I prefer to buy online products and services such as airfare tickets, online bookings on hotel accommodations and dress. Airfare ticket is cheaper when bought online because ticketing booth charges 10% commission on top of the purchased ticket. Credit card companies are tied up with Agoda, and Asia Travel and it offers discounted prices or sometimes promos that are cheaper compared to published rates. Also shopper can check the feedback regarding with the service of the hotel. It is a best way to plan vacations! Some dress that can be bought online are cheaper but quality guaranteed.


On the other hand, I refuse to buy appliances, shoes, and gadgets online. If defects have found on appliances and gadgets, it is costly and inconvenient to return the items to the vendor. It also needs enough money to buy in cash and it is expensive to purchase in installment basis. It is also hard to guarantee the quality of the product when bought online. The fitness of shoes differ on its style. Also, expectations on the appearance of the product has not been met when delivered.

Wireless Network Technology: Isn’t it Amazing?


Wireless network technology brings comfort to the life of the people. It also gives opportunity to those people who wants to work but prefer to stay at home. Aside from that, resources have been utilized at its finest. Who would have though that in just a piece of a wire people around the world will get connected? Isn’t it amazing?

Being part of the hotel industry, I can see the massive impact of wireless network technology. For me, WIFI brought a competitive advantage as to hotel’s operation as well as to customer’s satisfaction. Guests prefer to stay in hotel that offers a free and high speed internet connection in order for them to make their reports, check their e-mails and even to stay connected in social media. Booking a hotel accommodation can now be done anywhere as long as you have internet. Also, existence of online booking companies such as, Agoda and Asia travel greatly helps the revenue of the hotel.

One of the issues in WIFI is its security. Are the users aware that they are divulging important information about themselves by just having a WIFI access? Well, probably users are aware but they do not mind this issue at all. To prevent this kind of instance, these are some tips for us to ensure safety in using wireless network:

  1. Choose a trustworthy network- not all free public wifi are safe.
  2. Use a virtual private network (VPN)- a VPN client encrypts traffic between the user’s device and the VPN server, which means it’s much more difficult for a would- be intruder to sniff user’s data.
  3. Check for the HTTPS- checking for the lock in the browser is important to make sure that it is secured. One way of forcing a browser to use HTTPS is through an extension such as HTTPS everywhere.
  4. User must check its apps in his device.
  5. Enable two-factor authentication- user should use different password in every application to prevent hacking the identity of the user.
  6. Forget the network- it is also a good way to prevent auto-download applications.



Afterall, these precautions will always be dependent on the hands of the user.

keep the antenna high “Greatness comes with responsibility”